Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amazing Answers to Prayers

In the last month, I've had some amazing answers to prayers. Prayers that started over eighteen months ago. Sometimes it feels like a wilderness, the waiting for answers and healing.

After the car crash Christmas of 2011, I spent four months with hours and hours each week in physical therapy and doctor visits, then into a shoulder surgery, and then back into another seven months of PT.

Discouraged, I wondered what my lesson would be in all the lost time. Besides making my mark on the world ;) How would all that lost time translate into something good? God promises to work all things for good for those who love the Lord. He had me really curious as I thought I wandered the wasteland.
Angie's Mark on the World
Crash spot a few months later the ground is still torn up.
(It doesn't seem like all that time passed. But it took a year from turning in the manuscript to the release of A Healing Heart, in April 2013. That entire year rather than waiting for my book to release, I was in recovery from the car wreck and surgery.)

Have you ever been in that place where you had no idea how to pray? With so much time spent recuperating from the shoulder, neck, back injuries the creative part of me chomped at air. I wondered how long until life felt normal again. Writing and speaking, still so important to me, had to slow down to fit in all the medically necessary appointments. I prayed for it all to be over, to be healed, and to return to the writing world. And God answered.

But God allowed me to wait for some very good reasons.

1. How it felt to have a long illness.
2. How to help my fitness and weight loss clients with comprehension and compassion for injuries.
3. Editing for income.
4. Changing directions I wouldn't have thought of prior.
5. Learning, learning, learning to overcome a fear of driving.
6. Opening my eyes to opportunities.
7. New friendships and deeper relationships with old friends.
8. Trust. That people really wanted to help and I didn't need to do everything myself.
9. New ideas for more novels because of the many experiences in the long process.
10. A willing heart to take the path God puts me on.

Rainbow near the crash site.
God's love shines in every circumstance and He does bring good out of rough circumstances even if it takes a long time for us to see it.

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