Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Place I Didn't Belong - Hope for Adoptive Moms

A Place I Didn't Belong 
     A Place I Didn't Belong - Hope for Adoptive Moms Offers Validation, Healing

Life is messy. Some adoptions are, too. Through the compelling stories of adoptive moms who've "been there," you'll learn to be okay—even when your child is not!
In her new book, A Place I Didn't Belong - Hope for Adoptive Moms (Carpenter's Son Publishing, 2013), Paula Freeman explores a painful reality of some adoptions: Things don't always work out as planned. Unmet expectations, a child's compromised beginnings, and emotional wounds carried into the process can undermine often-fragile adoptive bonds. Families are turned upside down as their adopted children lash out with hostility and rage.
Sadly, adoptive mothers often bear the brunt of their child's behavior. Their once-peaceful homes feel more like emotional battlefields. They may even begin to question their decision to adopt in the first place. Overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, misplaced guilt, and shame, they withdraw into self-imposed isolation and silence. They find themselves in a place they didn't belong.
"Based on my personal and professional experience with adoption, I well understand the unique struggles many adoptive families face," says Freeman. "I wrote this book not only to give voice to their pain, but to validate their experience, and offer them hope for the future."
With compassion and grace, Paula Freeman articulates the reality of these shattered adoptive dreams. She shares poignant stories of mothers who experienced not only the distinct joys - but the unique challenges - of adoptive parenting. Told through the lens of introspection and personal growth, their real-life experiences offer hope, practical coping strategies, and spiritual renewal for the on-going adoptive journey . . . imperfect though it may be. "Things can get better," adds Freeman.
A Place I Didn't Belong releases June 1, 2013, and by pre-order, through and For more information about the book and the author, visit
About the Author: Paula Freeman, MSW, is founder and executive director of Hope's Promise (, an adoption and orphan-care ministry headquartered in Colorado. As a social worker, author, speaker, wife, and mother of seven grown children - three by adoption - she articulates the heart of adoption with candor and grace.
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