Saturday, January 07, 2012

Weight Loss Toys (tools)

I posted this on a private loop, but thought it might be fun for the general public too.

No kidding. I LOVE this new "toy". I call them toys instead of tools because I think we can make weight loss fun and staying healthy enjoyable. But only if we adopt an attitude of positive thinking. So I've called my weight loss tools "toys" for a long time. When I coach at the gym, I ask my clients what "toy" they want to play with :-) We smile instead of grimace. Much better!

Here's my newest and current favorite:

So why is it my new fave? Because it's light, easy to use, and fun.
Does it work? Yes. I saw additional definition in my arms within one week. Now if you have a lot of weight to lose, it may take longer to visually notice sculpting. But keep going anyway.

Favorite tip: Turn on music and dance with it to Salsa or upbeat tunes. The routine is only 6 minutes long. You can find time to do that! Invite a friend and have a blast.

Be sure you watch the "how-to" video first. It's only a few minutes long, but it explains the isometrics and how to properly use the toy.

My biggest frustration: I had a car accident on Dec. 21st. I'd been using the shake weight for 1 day shy of 2 weeks. My doc won't let me for another week. I am SO bummed. I really started to see results in the definition of my arm muscles. But I'll be back at it soon with a little Salsa music in the mix!

Biggest money saving tip: I get the 20% off mailing flyer from Bed, Bath, and Beyond all the time. They carry the shake weight. Use the coupon and save two bucks. Don't order it online because it's just a lot of postage for no reason. You can find it in most stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Walmart, Target, etc.

Have fun Salsa dancing with your new toy!

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