Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thank You, God, for Today!

I wrote a little verse in my journal almost six months ago as praise to God for a great day. Some days really are amazing. I realized I needed to say, Thank you, God, for today! I felt it again today and smiled as I read it again. Yes, this is how I feel this moment. I don't need to edit or critique or worry that it's not good enough. It's just a simple note to express what's in my heart.

It's not intended to be my best writing. It's far from my best writing. I think it's not about being a fantastic writer, singer, or artist. Praise is more about the raw recognition, gut appreciation. No competition. No worries about how the person next to you thinks about your attempt at praise. It's more like a thank you card. We give thank you notes to friends, family, and even strangers. Simple note written to express sincere appreciation. No one critiques a thank you note. They simply appreciate that you gave it.

Praising God for a good day is just that, a thank you note for a gift. I'm hoping by sharing my little note, you will feel comfortable to offer one of your own either in private to the Lord or here to encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ.

The day raced by.
I felt God's smile.
The shadows zipped across the land.
I felt God's hand.
Work, friends, beauty, joy.
Enough this moment, spirit full.
Peace and rest, happy lull.

Thank you, God, for today!

I hope you'll have a day that makes you feel like praising God too. If you've had a great day, share a verse of praise :)
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