Friday, February 17, 2012

6 Ways to make a difference through conversation

People talk. A lot. But do our words really matter?
Does conversation change lives or make a difference?

I spoke with a gal who said every time she talked with a particular person, she left with her mind spinning through ideas, dreams, and goals. She looked forward to talking with her friend because each time they had a conversation, life changed. Her dreams get bigger with each connection.

Here are 6 ways to make a difference through conversation.

1. Be welcoming. Smile and allow the other person to feel safe with you. Hearts and minds open to new possibilities in a positive environment.

2. Listen to the concepts and words being shared. Don't assume you know where the other person is going with his/her idea. Even if you do, the other person may simply need to talk it out. I've solved many problems through voicing them to a friend. It's respect, but it's also beneficial to allow the other person the opportunity to express themself fully. You never know when the conversation has a surprise ending. On facebook, a parent asked how to help a teen earn money. Much of the norm posted a few minutes later. But I happened to have a few unique ideas about owning their own small business. Stop the conversation too soon and you may never hear the real need isn't for yardwork and babysitting.

3. Share ideas. What encouragement or knowledge do you have that will help? Now the interpersonal dynamics are taking off. The chat becomes fun, interesting, and often inspirational to both parties. Do you have articles to help your friend with New Year's Goal Support?

4. Share your dreams. When you have the courage to share your dreams, you inspire others to brave their own. Courage creates courage in others. It's magical.

5. Share the progress. What's changed since you last met? Are you closer to your goal? Are they closer to their goals? Celebrate progess in the moment and the big pay off will come. Our minds focus and draw us into the right direction to complete our goals when we celebrate by sharing the progress along the way.

6. Never nullify by being a Negative Nelly. Be sure to encourage ideas and not be a nay-sayer. You may not see the big picture, but many rejections turned into spectacular successes throughout history. There's no reason to squash someone's idea, dream, or goal. If you feel you must offer help to avoid trouble, ask first. "What do you think about..." or "May I share a hurdle I see?" Then also share a solution or an idea for a solution. If you don't have a solution, it may be an opportunity to stay silent.

Are there only 6 ways to make a difference through conversation?
Oh no, there are as many opportunities as there are people in the world.

Share your ideas on how to make a difference through conversation.
I'm sure there are some great ones out there :)

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