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Feeling Loved: Connecting with God in the Minutes You Have

Angie: I'd like to welcome a guest post today from Marnie Swedberg. She's definitely on my radar because she ministers to super busy women. Hmm, know anyone like that? Come on along :-)

A few facts first you don't want to miss and then into the guest post:
Book Release Party – November 8-11, 2010

About the Book
Reading this book is like spending a few hours with Marnie over lunch. It is a conversational “how to” book sharing her relationship with God, the feeling of love it generates inside her and how you can experience God’s love in a personal way as well.

Because she believes that every relationship begins, grows or dies based on how we handle our emotions, much of the book deals with feelings – what they are, why we have them and how God views them as a trigger to constant contact and closer connections with Him.

About the Author

Marnie Swedberg

Mentor to super busy women from around the world, Marnie Swedberg was described by one regional newspaper headline as the, "Wonder Woman of the North Country." She hosts mega websites, manages the family's restaurant, assists with the family’s retail store and espresso cafĂ©. She is the author of eleven books and eBooks, a public speaker and consultant for religious, business and government organizations and has been interviewed on radio and TV talk/news dozens of times. In her new book, Feeling Loved, Marnie shares her relaxed and doable approach to growing closer to God in the minutes you have.

Excerpt from Chapter 5 – Dealing with Feelings

I’ve always loved Winnie the Pooh, especially little Piglet. He is so scared and timid. When he is blown away by the wind, I can feel myself being pushed around by forces bigger than life.

The following is my simple analysis of how my feelings play out:

1. Feelings are. They come plowing into my life without warning, permission or balance. They simply show up and take over my brain.

2. Feelings can be easily manipulated both from internal and external influences. They intensify based upon circumstances, my understanding of the facts or a perceived threat of any kind.

3. Feelings are important. I always want to be able to laugh and cry. If I’m afraid, I want to know it and admit it. If I feel hurt when wronged, that’s wonderful, because it proves I’m alive. Feelings in themselves are not wrong. They are vital to a healthy life.

4. Feelings are often inaccurate. They are based on individual pieces of information funneled through my limited knowledge and experience. Upon collecting the rest of the facts, or viewing a situation from a different perspective, my feelings about it can change.

5. Most importantly, feelings are the number one thing “triggering” me to talk with God. Every intense emotion is an invitation for a conversation with God.

Every time I bring my emotions to God, He cares. He shares His perspective with me providing the balance I need.

Nancy Missler, author of “Way of Agape,” says this about spiritual maturity and emotional self-life,

“Whether we have been a Christian one year or 51 years, our self life will never improve with age. It’s still as ugly and as self-centered now as it was the first day we believed. We cannot tame our self life…. I believe a mature Christian is one who recognizes his self life and makes the appropriate choices to give it over to God.”

Emotions are usually the flag-bearers of “self life” or self-absorption. They can be volatile, intrusive, exasperating and out of control. But if we choose to view them as gifts, they can serve as a water slide straight down to a deeper, more loving relationship with God.

We will always have to pay close attention to our emotions. A good goal is to get faster at identifying them and running our feelings to Jesus with the words, “God, help me understand this from Your perspective.” When He does, it changes everything for the better.

Conversation Starters.

The book can be a quick, two-hour read or a leisurely, ten-week group study. Each chapter ends with a set of conversation starters for a personal chat with God or a lively group discussion. Two of the questions for this segment include:

-       With which Winnie the Pooh character can you best relate and why?
-       Do your feelings usually prompt you closer or farther from God? Why do you think this is true?

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