Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mrs. High Energy is Back!

Hah! Figured it out! So excited! I went from feeling like this even after a good night's sleep...

Sleepy Panda

Caffeine became my crutch...And having felt like that all day for the last several months...
Super sloth in the afternoon

I was ecstatic to realize I didn't need a nap today to feel like this...


I did the unthinkable! Yes, the thing most people dread... I had my annual check up and learned something about myself I didn't know. Something that might be helpful to other people too.

I learned that all I needed was to supplement with some folic acid and Vitamin D3. In fact, my doc helped me understand the right amount for me. I'm feeling a lot better and am thrilled that I can see it will keep getting better as I build my immunity and minimum needs back up. (By the way, minimum needs of folic acid are not those touted on cereal boxes. Doc says that's just enough to stop the rickets but not enough to help with fatigue, diabetes, and colon cancer.)

How did I get so tired? Coping with Colitis is a difficult chore. I've spent a long time discovering the foods I can and cannot eat. Dark greens and fresh vegies are a real problem for me. But there are other people out there that can eat them and just don't.

My doc was thrilled with all my blood tests, blood pressure, heart and all my results. Except this one thing kept plaguing me, fatigue, but my thyroid numbers were doing fine. So we ran back through my regular daily diet. Because the colitis interferes with the foods that have folic acid and I live in a Northern clime, she determined I had some deficiencies we could clear up simply. Yahoo! I'm all about simple.

So once I undersood that certain elements in our diet really do matter for energy, protection from diabetes, bone density, and metabolism then I saw dramatic results in how my body functions.

For me, it was such a dramatic difference after even 2 doses of higher level folic acid and Vitamin D3 that I'm astonished. I'd forgotten to ask how long until I'd see results. I wish I could express to you how different this is. Maybe Snoopy does. My eyes are not burning. I'm not yawning. I'm not dragging through the afternoon like I have for the last year. I feel elated!

Do you know what else she said? Keep eating what you're eating. It's working well and add the supplements. Oh yes, I am sticking to her advice!

Something so very simple and yet so crucial. May I suggest you talk to your doc, evaluate your personal requirements, and recover from the fatigue?

We'll Snoopy dance together :-)

Is fatigue an issue for you?

Keep eating what you're eating because it's working...
Here's how I eat. :-)
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