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Download N Go Homeschool Curriculum

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I love the opportunity to promote excellent education. I've had the chance to look over some of these materials for children and really enjoyed them. Having homeschooled 2 of my kids in junior high, I wish I'd had the opportunity to do it their entire school lives. I would definitely suggest reviewing the website and choosing the unit studies at the age level for your children. The cool thing? My grandson is going to be homeschooled and these materials are just right for him. Here's an interview with the author, Amanda Bennett, and The Old School House (TOS).

Unit studies . . . lapbooking . . . your mind goes back and forth as you try to figure out which homeschooling style will best fit your family. Aren't they sort of one and the same? What if you only want to try unit studies . . . no . . . lapbooking . . . yeah, lapbooking? Some of the curriculum choices seem to last for weeks! Why isn't there something complete but short?

TOS has teamed up with Amanda Bennett to create just that in an awesome new series that combines lapbooking and unit studies in one ready-to-use product. All you have to do is Download N Go!

TOS: Welcome, Amanda, we're glad you're here to tell us more about Download N Go. You already have a wonderful unit study series; how is Download N Go different from your other curricula?

Amanda: Thank you! Nice to be here and able to share about Download N Go. First of all, Download N Go is a brand-new series of unit/lapbook studies. They are weekly studies, written for grades K - 4. My other line of unit studies consists of four-week unit studies for grades K - 12, and that series continues to grow, alongside of Download N Go.
With Download N Go you don't have to wait for your order to be processed and shipped, and your children don't have to wait to get started having fun with learning!

TOS: Download N Go is a fun combination of unit studies and lapbooking! Why did you decide to combine the two?

Amanda: After so many moms kept showing me the lapbooks that their children had created while using my unit studies, I began to notice how much the lapbooks added to the memorable lessons of unit studies. When the opportunity came along to develop this next generation series of unit studies with The Old Schoolhouse®, it was the perfect time to merge these two educational products into one powerful learning adventure, Download N Go.

Would you rather learn about God's world by reading dry textbook snippets and fill-in-the-blank questions?

Or by. . .

Reading real books, going in depth on exciting topics, enjoying multimedia presentations, using imagination to demonstrate what was learned, experimenting with hands-on activities, and creatively producing a keepsake lapbook-with little prep time?

TOS: Lapbooking and unit studies are very popular among homeschoolers, and as you know, there are a lot of each to choose from. What makes Download N Go different?

Amanda: Download N Go was designed for the specific purpose of combining the very best features of unit studies and lapbooking into one study on one topic that was fun and interactive. The Download N Go series brings all of these concepts together in smooth fashion, maximizing the learning experience while minimizing the complication of preparation. Download N Go studies are fun, engaging, interactive, and simple to use--capturing the best of all of these.

Expedition AustraliaUnique Topics . . . Multi-Level Teaching . . . Hands-On Learning . . .

The first 19 weeks are packed with excitement and high-interest topics!
You don't want to miss a single one!

Click here to read more about Download N Go!

TOS: If a homeschool is in between subjects or would like a little detour on a certain topic, being able to quickly download one of the Download N Go subjects is perfect! How do you see parents using Download N Go?

Amanda: Good question, and I've been surprised with the many different ways that they use Download N Go. Many use it as their main curriculum, adding math in separately. Others use it for a break in between textbook sessions, while still others use the studies in addition to their regular curriculum to help the students pursue topics that hold their interest.

* Daily lessons and lapbook
* Complete instructions
* Eye-pleasing pages
* Interactivity
* Exciting themes
* Ready for immediate use
* Each week in the series delivers an exciting new topic to discover!

TOS: Unit studies and lapbooks can be a little intimidating for some homeschool moms. Just how easy are the Download N Go studies to use?

Amanda: Judging by feedback from parents, they are very easy to use, and they are very popular with both parents and students. The interactive web links and other interactive components help keep the study moving and focused and simple to use each day. A suggested reading book list is included with each study in case parents want to pick up a few books to complement the study.

Just one look and you'll see why parents love
Download N Go!

TOS: Another thing that tends to put some parents off from unit studies and lapbooking is the lack of an outlined plan of what to do each day to get through the unit on time. Does Download N Go have a schedule?

Amanda: Download N Go has been developed on a five-day plan, so that every day of these one-week studies is laid out for the parent/teacher. Each day will cover different facets of the topic at hand. Like any good unit study, they include science, history, geography, art, and other areas of curriculum where applicable.

TOS: That sounds perfect and so easy to implement! What other helps can parents expect to find in each Download N Go?

Amanda: In the feedback we've received for Autumn Treasures, many parents are telling us how much it means to their family to have this time to spend together, developing a strong relationship while they learn together. Another frequent point is that parents love just how simple these studies are--no preparation time--just download and go!

TOS: Autumn Treasures was the premier title in this series. Can you tell us what other exciting topics you have lined up?

Amanda: I am enjoying writing these, and the topics are so interesting! I learn so much when I write them. Some of the studies that we are working on now include Australia, Valentine's Day, Pizza, Davy Crockett, Whales, and many more.

TOS: Thank you so much, Amanda, for taking time to talk about your latest project and venture with The Old Schoolhouse®! We are excited to be working with you on Download N Go because we know it's just what homeschoolers are looking for--a quick and easy way to go for learning, go for fun, and go for adventure!

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