Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Download N Go Whale Tales

I had the nice opportunity of reviewing Download N Go Whale Tales and Download N Go Davy Crockett. I'm really impressed with this holistic style of education and plan to use it with my grandson. Age appropriate, interesting for both child and the teaching adult, and full of wonderful information and comparisons. I'd use this for summer fun with children too!

In fact, I did homeschool all my kids during the summers. It gave them interesting work when such a long break from school leaves them bored. But as a parent, I felt like I had that short time of childhood to help my kids learn and grow. I didn't want to leave them lacking. Public school just can't do it all anymore with the tightly packed classes, political correctness, and limits put on faith. So my kids had age appropriate workbooks that we did through the summer and during vacations to help them with spelling, math, writing, and faith. Download N Go gives parents all of the opportunities at your fingertips. You'll be able to use video, coloring, reading, science, music and more all in the same lesson plan.

It really helps with long car rides too. In fact some of the links take you to official pages that have even more coloring activity pages and fun research links. I found a black and white printable Tennessee flag, map quiz, activities on Davy Crockett, and so much rich information that you'll have to argue with your children to get them to stop learning ;-) Hmm, more fun than a lecture! Why not take a vacation to Tennessee and do the Davy Crockett Download N Go as you explore those real places? Or take a trip to an aquarium to see the live animals as a reward for completing the Whale Tales?

The lapbook ideas are excellent, especially if you have the added tool of internet. But for long driving vacations, keep your children intrigued by printing out the pages for the hands on activities. Then when you get to a hotel with internet and you're winding down for the day, let them play learn by going to the links with videos while you sort out dinner and activities. Summer or school year, I think this program is an excellent system.

 Here's a few video links on making a lapbook and how they work:

Quick video

Longer creative lapbook video

So whether you are homeschooling, supplementing public school, or finding a way to make long car travel more fun for everyone, take a few minutes and look at this inexpensive way to interest your children and grandchildren.

 Update on special discounts!
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