Monday, May 24, 2010

Montana Mondays: Five Valleys

Our town, Missoula, is surrounded by mountains and fed by several valleys. It's often called Five Valleys and several of our local businesses sport the name such as Five Valleys Bowling.

No one knows exactly how to count a valley though and some heated arguments can happen over it, lol. On the radio one day, they held a contest to try and figure out what the main valleys were surrounding us and why it's called Five Valleys. By the end, they had so many callers with so many valley names that they all laughed and gave up. I lost track at 16. There are large valleys and small finger valleys. People live all throughout them. They mystery of the name Five Valleys has never been solved :-)

This is one of the valleys in Western Montana up on the hills a bit back from the main highway. You can see the edge of town in the far background. It's one of our kids with one of our dogs.

Here she is again with her horse and dog, Kasey. The photo was taken for a competition, and she finaled :-) She didn't win, but it was a great moment caught on film. This is very much the look of Western Montana.

I'll take you to some spots in Eastern and mid-Montana too. They look so different from my neck of the woods.

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