Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Modeling Volunteerism~Building Confident Kids

My daughter, Mariah, and I at the Hospice Ball

Volunteering instills confidence in our children. I required my daughter to volunteer once a week during her home school years. It was one of her graded classes. She had to interview for the position with the food bank director. Then she had to perform her duties and even received performance reviews.

When Mariah found out that I'd be volunteering for the Hospice Ball, she asked how she could also. I contacted them and the perfect spot opened up for her as a server with the caterer. Now since she loves serving and waitressing, Mariah was able to use her God given talents and interests to help raise funds for hospice her in Missoula.

Here's an important detail: Mariah knew no one. She asked, a door opened, and she filled the need with her own abilities. As a parent, I believe setting her up for success as an adult comes from getting the experience in childhood.

Why is that important? It's initiative she learned while volunteering way back in junior high. She had no reason to fear and every reason to believe in herself, confidence.

Do you think children should volunteer?

How does modeling volunteerism matter?

Angie Breidenbach
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