Monday, March 08, 2010

Blessing of a Teacher

Janice Hanna Thompson, an American Christian Fiction Writers member, visited the Montana Romance Writers for an excellent teaching workshop on becoming a career writer.

She taught two mini courses for us. The first was on making money as a writer and the second on plotting our careers. Both were jam packed with tons of great ideas, practical ways to learn and earn, and handouts that helped us follow logically.

If you have the opportunity to take one of Janice's courses or buy one of her many, many books then you will be blessed. I'm going to give a few links to Janice Thompson's books so you can see the wide variety of what she writes.

I own Gone With The Groom, Fools Rush In, Swinging On A Star, and Everyday Joy.

I am deeply grateful for the time Janice took to share deeper, wider, and better ways to grow my career. She listened and helped guide me into a new paradigm so my freelance will be more on target for my overall message. So valuable at this point in my life.

It's such a blessing to have someone in my career field willing to light the way.

Do you have someone who you can learn from in your career?

What would you ask them if you could ask anything?

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