Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Confidence has a No Need to Compete clause

Ms. Montana and Mrs. Montana work together at the Hospice Ball 

My friend, Janet Bierer, is Ms. Montana US Continental. I'm Mrs. Montana International. Different pageant systems and yet we aren't defensive or concerned about who does what. Instead, we enjoy running the race together and because of this, are more successful in our duties for our charities. We've built a friendship that benefits others.

We had the honor of assisting at the 1920's themed fund raiser for the Hospice Ball on Friday night. (Our job was to enforce the TSA regulations at the door to the Minuteman airport hanger and help people check in for the auction.) It's not unusual to see both of us at a fund raiser. What's wonderful about working with Janet is that neither of us feel competitive toward each other. Rather, we complement one another.

Janet is beautiful, funny, and successful in her professional life. She owns a couple of beauty salons here in Montana. But I don't feel jealousy, instead I am honored to be her friend.

Too often, women feel they must compete with the other women in their lives. We worry over someone else's beauty, talent, vivacious personality. We worry that we can't be as bubbly and witty or photogenic. We think the other woman always has it better. But when we enjoy the benefit of our unique personalities and talents, it's more productive. Okay, it's just plain fun!

When people try to figure out the difference in our titles, we laugh and explain it this way, "She's the unmarried and I'm the married version." We have a lot of fun explaining the different pageant systems, and trust me, no one knows more about them than Janet! The loveliest thing about Janet is she enjoys sharing her knowledge. She's a giving person full of heart.

Janet and I met last fall during the American Heart Association's Heart Walk. Since then, we've appeared at many special events together from managing hundreds of people coming in the doors to the Hospice Ball to selling raffle tickets at the Make-A-Dream event and helping the Jadyn Fred Foundation raise money to get kids to the out of state hospitals. It was Janet's idea to team up. And am I glad we did!

Together, we are able to do more than we could alone. Both of us have outgoing personalities so it's easy for us to sell raffle tickets or comically toss someone in the 1920's jail cell by convincing their loved one to pay $5 for their "arrest" by the Keystone Kops. We easily laugh and encourage the other one, and in doing so, we manage to successfully raise more money for the non-profits. We've also been able to help out when schedules clashed. Janet filled in for me when my charity had an event and I was out of town.

Do you have someone in your field that encourages you, runs the race with you, and complements the work you do?

How do you support each other's efforts and goals?

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