Monday, January 18, 2010

Changing Our Self-Talk-is it possible?

One lovely reader mentioned that she was just set. That she couldn't change how she was because of her age. She'd always struggled with negative self-talk and couldn't change that about herself.

I wonder what you all think. Is that true? If someone truly desires to change, can they?

It got me to thinking about addictions. Is it possible that negative self-talk is more of an addiction than a bad habit?

Oooh, I really want to hear what you all think of this concept: Poor or negative self-talk as an addiction...

(In my book, Battle Your Pirates and Win! I have a chapter that's represented by the garnet. One of the garnet's most used utility is as the grit on sandpaper. Go figure, but it's true! So I wrote about sandblasting out those old scripts that replay in your brain and how to do get rid of them. I'm waiting on response from publishers still on the book, but the jewelry line that helps financially support the Sanctuary of Hope orphan homes is already available at 

and the garnet pendant can be purchased individually if you'd like a beautiful piece to help you remember to sandblast out those negative thoughts.) 

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