Friday, January 15, 2010

Where does self-talk come from?

Just too good of a question to pass up! I posted a couple of days ago some questions about confidence. In doing the interviews and asking some of these important questions, I find that we return to the element of self-talk.

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One reader comment suggested it's all about the parents. Now on one level, I agree that parents can really influence our self-talk. The voice we hear inside that helps us learn to value ourself. But on the other hand, how does that explain those overcomers who achieve great things even though they come from extreme backgrounds?

So my question for discussion today is: Where does self-talk come from?

Secondarily: If it comes from our parents originally, why are some people from negative parents able to overcome what others aren't?

Jump on in! Your thoughts and ideas just might make it into the pages of Courageous Beauty!
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