Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clear Direction Breeds Confidence

But where do we get that clear direction?

In the deep winter, the fog lies low over the valley. Sometimes it feels as if we are walking aimlessly through that cold, bone-chilling fog. The moisture freezes on everything around.

Montana Hoar Frost (frozen fog.)
We feel ourselves freezing up, not sure we can continue through the barren, icy land until the sun shines again. But there's a glow, just noticeable. A blurry sign of hope.

Our step picks up, we forget the burning in our fingertips, and lean into the direction of the glow. Warmth, comfort, safety. It draws us in and we go in that direction without wavering.

Once inside, warm and protected, we can look out a window and see something we hadn't before. The marvel of sparkling crystals everywhere. The creativity and beauty is breathtaking. But all we could see in the fear, was the need to get to where we were going.

Let me challenge all of us today to take a look around us for that spectacular beauty while we are in it. Allow it to spark the desire to wonder in amazement. Such unique formations. A new ice sculpture in each branch, plant, and weed.

Then realize when you get to safety, that you did get to safety by putting one foot in front of the other. It's stunning to see the footsteps leading to where we belong in a straight line.  Clear direction came from looking for the hope, the dim glow diffused in the frosty air.

Celebrate each time you have the chance to walk in the freezing fog because it offers persistence even as we find creative surprises. Then look back and see the accomplishment of resiliency and survival. These are confidence builders. Celebrate coming out of the fog with new knowledge!  Confidence is built on overcoming difficulty when your eyes are locked on hope.

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