Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Professional Fashion and Fun-Mrs. Montana International

Reader Question: How do you know what to wear to an event like Mrs. International?

Angie: I researched it by going to the website and looking at lots and lots of photos :-) Ultimately, I fell back on my own sense of self. What do I like to wear and feel confident in any time? I have had a lot of fun shopping for just the right outfits that promote my personality and professionalism. I've stretched a little too. I've worn a lot of solid colors and decided to try on a few dresses with bold patterns. They still have my figure in mind and I fell in love with them. It was just as much fun finding accessories for each outfit as it was the dress! Leopard print-never! Ahem, but I did and I can't tell you how elegant it looks. I promise photos after the competition. ;-)

Angie: The first thing I look at in choosing clothes whether for the competition or for my personal choice is does it fit me physically and personality-wise? We need to look at our body type and dress to enhance who we already are and not how it looks on someone else. I have to honor my own sense of modesty to maintain my comfort in public. (I don't think I need to be intensely sexual. In fact, I think it's harder to get people to listen to what a woman is saying if she is too immodestly distracting.)

The next thing I look for is the simplicity of care. If it is too hard to take care of or travel with, I don't buy it. Bald truth. Why make your life harder than it needs to be? I tend to lean toward beautiful colors and tailored lines made out of fun to touch and wear fabrics. My interview dress is a gorgeous non-wrinkle jersey. All my rehearsal wear and appearance outfits are also fun to touch and non-iron. The lines fit my figure well, though sometimes I have to have them altered.

I also want the clothes to be something I can wear later for appearances, church or fun social events. So I'd say those 3 values are how I shop.

Reader Question: Why do you alter?
Angie: I happen to have a very small back/rib cage. Clothes don't fit me well there and hang like a sack. I've found a wonderful seamstress at Kathy's Bridal here in Missoula. She adds darts or takes in seams so my clothes fit me well and I feel more confident in them.

Tip: If you've never altered your clothing, I'd suggest trying one or two outfits/dresses that have always bugged you. Loving the piece is fine, but it should make you feel comfortable and confident. Get suggestions from friends or ask your favorite dry cleaners for referrals. It's amazing how great the right fit makes you feel and look! It's really about the confidence.
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