Friday, July 03, 2009

Our Internal Pirates

We all have them. Those negative issues that hold us down as if we are drowning from the anchors tied around our legs as they pull us down, down, down...internal pirates.

Pirates are ruthless. The battle cry is no quarter!

How do we overcome them? We have to take a hard look at them. I did this season.

Sometimes we get on the train heading in one direction only to realize that it takes several changes in station to achieve the destination. That's not getting derailed. I think too many of us think that if we have to change trains that we missed it. No, no, no. You are merely taking a connecting train with an occasional rest stop for an adventure.

My writing has had to take back seat this summer as I build the platform to support it into the future.

Although writing is my first choice, no one person can do it all. I decided in mid-May to wait until after mid-July to continue my writing projects. I have to put a lot of energy into building the business side.

Now my new website is up, the jewelry is online and beginning to sell and I am off to compete for Mrs. International. The business side is important. There are people counting on my ability to bring awareness to the situation many orphans are in around the world.

The energy. I keep coming back to that word. I've loved every bit of it. But energy is something we need to be good stewards of also. I think it's often missed too, to be a good steward of our energy.

Yes, I'll be getting back to writing in just a few weeks. I have a companion journal to finish with my non-fiction book and the second book in the Gems of Wisdom series to write. Then I need to reintroduce myself to a contest winning fiction manuscript that I put away when my mom passed. I put it away for a season. The planned season is ending. I look forward to the new season beginning :-)

Are you feeling drained?

In what way can you be a better steward of your energy?

Are you at the beginning or the ending of a season?

PS Please come visit and see all the new stuff!
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