Monday, June 29, 2009

Biga Pizza for a Biga Cause Mrs. Montana International Appearance

Lots of people have asked me about my appearances. Why I do so many and work so hard. For me, my heart is impassioned to raise up other people so that they have the opportunity to make their mark on the world too.

My husband and I agreed long ago that we want to support children's causes. That's where our hearts are and what can make us cry or laugh.

Tip: You can find your own passion by paying attention to what makes you cry and laugh. Take that a step farther and ask yourself what really makes your blood boil. Those things that grab your emotions long term are your passions and possibly a link to your life purpose. I say long term because anyone can be swayed for a few minutes. Really examine what strikes you over and over again.

So let's have fun with the fund raiser for the Neema Children's Home!

We had a $10 all you can eat pizza in downtown Missoula to raise money to build a well for the Neema Children's Center in Kenya. The kids roll 50 gallon drums a mile to the river, fill them, and roll them a mile home each day for drinking water. There are 167 children in the orphanage at last count.

Of the $40, 000 raised, we have $11,000 to go. The fund raiser was such a success we are going to do another pizza fund raiser in late September for the well. The event was super crowded and very fun.

I walked all over downtown into stores and visited with people to invite them to eat with me. And they came in droves!

One fellow paid double to help the children, one car load couldn't come but because I stopped to talk to their children, the grandma pressed $10 on me to give to the Kenyan kiddos!

Some young men biking across country met me by the County courthouse and called their friends to come to eat. We filled the restaurant with a line out the door! It was very, very exciting.
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