Monday, April 06, 2009

Carded at 44!

Yep. You read it right. On Saturday the little gal checking me out of the grocery store carded me. I was still loading my groceries onto the belt. She asked me for my ID. I stopped and said, "ID?" Now I'm thinking, I haven't written the doggone check yet!

I look up at her and she points at the tiny dessert wine I'd planned for our anniversary dinner. I follow her pointer finger to the bottle, and look back at her with a blank stare. She says, "I need to see your ID."

"But I'm 45!" (Okay, I will be in June.)

She stares me down. "ID please." She doesn't budge. She won't check another item until I produce.

"Okay, but I really am." At this point, I'm about falling on the floor laughing but I'm trying really hard to be a good customer. After all, she's doing her job and doing it well! I guess the policy is to card anyone who appears under 35.

She glances at my MT driver's license and says, "At first glance, you don't look it."

I go on merrily putting my groceries on the belt. Who wouldn't? Oh but there is a little zip in my zapper. The last time I was carded, I was 32. That was how many years ago?

She apologized as I left.

"Oh no, you made my day." And I zipped myself home to giggle with my hubby. (He didn't believe me, lol.)

Have you had something unexpected give you a little pep after the winter doldrums?

Do share :-)
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