Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gems of Wisdom Prototype Jewelry Set

Serious excitement!

I just received the prototypes for the necklace, earrings and bracelet that partner with my book, Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom. They are beautiful! The designer even drew out a schematic of which gem is which!

If you haven't heard about them yet, there are 16 gems in the book. Each correlates to a concept and you earn a gem at the end of each chapter. The final chapter, 17, is the treasure chest filled with all your Gems of Wisdom. The gemstones act as memory anchors and as a meditation/prayer focus. I felt led to use the concept straight from the Bible in Leviticus chapter 38. Aaron wears 12 gems on his priestly garments on God's command to remember each of the tribes and who he is praying for when he approaches the Holy of Holies. Then over and over in the Bible, stones are used to build places of remembrance for things God has done or taught or shown.

I found historical, scientific and/or symbolic information about every stone used in the pages of Insanity Rules; Gems of Wisdom. I wrote the topics around those research discoveries. Then I studies up on pirates so I could designate one or a few to represent those negatives we have to overcome.

I have to tell you that the research on Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom was so fascinating that I had a hard time getting back to writing! I loved all the true stories I found. It was so hard to choose. But ultimately, the people I interviewed and wrote about seemed to click with a certain gem and a certain pirate in my mind. They flowed into a natural partnership.

Speaking of partnerships, I am thrilled that the company and designer helping me to create this premium line of gemstone prayer/meditation jewelry supports fair trade beads and silver from Third World women. They purchase genuine gemstone, hand-made ceramic, sterling silver etc. from Africa, Greece, Thai Hill Tribes and more. Additionally, Pamba Toto specifically supports two orphanages in Kenya! I fell in love with the purpose of this company as I have fallen in love with the unique artisan workmanship and the women that run it.

So for instance, the sunstone represents the chapter on shame. But you earn it when you battle the negative attitude or behavior (portrayed as a pirate.) What once you internalized as shame is now shimmering as a gem of wisdom from that experience, and something you can draw on to help others.

The treasure chest in chapter 17 is filled with the gems of wisdom you collected on the journey. And the jewelry has a treasure chest charm to represent your success! I just love the little charm that the designer, Colleen Briggs of Pamba Toto Jewelry, found for me. There's an optional silver cross charm as well.

I'll post photos soon. I hope within a few days because I would love your feedback, but also because I already have orders for several pieces and those folks have no idea what they look like. (You'll love them!) One more special feature is that each piece is a one of a kind work of art and includes a registration/creation number for collectors. Though there will be pieces that are higher priced because of the genuine gemstones and sterling silver, still there will be affordable pieces for any budget. I am thrilled about that fact!

I could go on and on in my exuberance tonight, but I'll wait for more when I can post some photos :-) Ultimately, I am so excited to see the beginning fruit of my dream. Right on the edge and ready to take off.

Now for the hard part, picking the information for the new website!

Thank you for sharing my joy today!
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