Sunday, December 07, 2008

Here we are a travelin'

Sometimes it feels like all I do is sleep in hotels. I really love my own bed and pillow. I love when my cat curls up next to me. I sleep really hard at home.

My step-daughter, Jamie, just had her graduation last night from college. Now she begins the adventure of life. My hubby is so proud :-D Her degree is in Outdoor Recreation Management to allow her the possibility of one day owning her own youth camp.

I am excited for her next leap into adventure. She's going to New Zealand to work at a retreat camp with the YMCA. She has a specialty in adventure sports like rock climbing, white water rafting and wilderness experience. She's going to be a teacher for outdoor ed like we all went to in 6th grade in the mountains. How cool is that?!

So for gift ideas . . . we got her a really nice compass. Something she'll use often and to symbolically point her to the future. I was really happy when she said that it was just what she wanted. Yay!

We travel a lot more than we thought we would, but sometimes hotels are worth it, even if we don't get to sleep as well. We can always sleep at home.

Happy trails,

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