Thursday, December 04, 2008

ACFW New Publicity Officer

I'm pretty excited right now! Our American Christian Fiction Writer's group just voted on new officers and I was voted in to be the new Publicity Officer!

I have to admit my knees are a little weak. Cara Putnam has been in these shoes for 2 years now and is quite accomplished. I am thrilled to have her helping me learn the new position as we transition over to the new operating board that will serve 2009 and 2010. (It's a 2 year position.)

I'm cleaning up my schedule this month as I learn my new duties so that I will be fully available. This means deciding what to cut out.

I think sometimes we women forget to sift out or give up those things that have become stale in our lives and then try to do it all. I'm terribly guilty of that myself.

So this month as I'm learning the new things, I'm also examining the old habits and commitments. As I try to rid myself of outdated things and prepare for the new year to come, I need to do that with my volunteer and work schedule too.

I will be cutting back on my Weight Watcher's schedule and saying no to other requests for volunteer work that I would normally take on in my son's school. I'll also be very careful how much I agree to do in church.

All these are worthy of my time, but it is simply not my season. Prayer and lots of consideration have brought me into a new adventure.  I've agreed to a volunteer position that takes about 10-15 hours a week. With that plus my family owned business and my writing, I have to make choices.

I've been a volunteer at my kid's various schools for 19 years now. Many different areas and many different schools. I am happy for other moms and dads to get those same opportunities that I have truly enjoyed. So I enter a new realm of volunteerism and wave goodbye to the familiar.

Are you making any changes? 

Or are you just adding to your load?

Sometimes it's bittersweet to leave behind the familiar, but how exciting to learn something new!

Thank you to all those ACFWers that chose to vote me into Publicity Officer. Thank  you for the opportunity to learn and grow with such an awesome organization!

I shadow Cara through December and then take over Jan. 1st, 2009 with the other new board members.

I'm up for suggestions on how to celebrate this fabulous new adventure and twist in the plot of my life. Any suggestions?

Angie (who has the deer in the headlights look right now.)
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