Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The End Cometh

I've been completely rewriting Insanity Rules: Gems of wisdom. The idea came from a conversation between Michelle Sutton and I a little over a year ago.

We laughed ourselves senseless as we brainstormed into ridiculous situations that turned into a serious idea. It started in the middle of the night at the ACFW conference of 2007.

Anyway, the first few versions just didn't quite work. The information was helpful, but dry. We knew it needed to be published, but not in the original format.

Then life rushed on and Michelle's fiction series marched forward.

Since October 2008, I started over at word one, chapter one.

It felt like I'd fallen into a huge crevasse and had to climb out hand over hand.

Now, I'm feeling the tingle in my belly and excitement in my blood. I can see the top of the crevasse. It is only a few feet above me. I cannot wait to clamber out and stand in victory over that climb.

And you all wondered what a writer's life was like, lol.
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