Tuesday, August 12, 2008

At His Command by Brenda Coulter

At His Command by Brenda Coulter

Love Inspired, Steeple Hill 2008
Available in stores August 26th or now at the link below:-)

First, I have to tell you that the beginning had me giggling. Brenda sure can carry a male character's point of view! Not only that, Jake Hopkins may have a bum leg, but he totally has a hero's heart right from the start. Brenda has me in stitches over the little things that happen to this vulnerable, masculine fellow. I like that he's detail oriented. What I mean is that his position as a lawyer works with the descriptions that enrich the story. He notices smaller details than some men would and that is exactly what a lawyer should do! His vocation and his personality are well matched. Kudos to Brenda!

A fun read with well thought out characters. Their dialogue feels real and draws me into the scene so that I see, hear, and feel it immediately.

Keep writing, Brenda, you are an inspiration!

You can pick up a copy here: www.amazon.com

Visit Brenda Coulter's blog at: brendacoulter.blogspot.com

A little more about the book:
In one short month, cheerful army nurse Madeline Bright has become the darling of Prairie Springs, TX. And if ex-pilot Jake Hopkins isn't careful, she might just conquer his heart. She's young, pretty and blithe-spirited...he's older and jaded. But being around Maddie brings back too many painful memories. Jake still feels guilty about failing to save Maddie's brother in an army helicopter crash years ago. So no matter how much Maddie wants to be in his life, for her own good, Jake can't allow that. He'll never have a normal, stable life. And sweet Madeline deserves nothing less.

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