Friday, August 08, 2008

Do you like pirate lore or gemology?

I'm working hard today on my book, Insanity Rules. I have some ideas on analogies I'd like to use. So if you have a favorite book or website with some great research on pirates on the high seas or gemstones, please share:-)

I'll be heading up to Bigfork, MT tomorrow for our second ever Montana Romance Writers meeting. We are spread out all over the state so we don't get to meet monthly. We've planned quarterly meetings and an upcoming retreat!

We have started a new blog (in its infancy) too. You can find it over at

You better believe I'm going to be brainstorming with my new RWA chapter pals in Bigfork too, but I'd still love to hear about any accurate research tools you know about:-D I'm looking for the lesser known facts to use. Who wants to read about Black Beard for the 4 millionth time? Nope. I'd like to bring out some surprises.

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