Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rehearsal Day 2 at Mrs. Montana America

Sore feet and lots of giggles. All the ladies did so well today. We ran through the show from top to bottom. We also voted for Mrs. Congeniality. I think all the ladies should win that one! It was awesome to see all the sharing.

Here's a great example: Kelly Walker, Mrs. Bigfork, sent her son up to give me a roll of tape to keep my shoes on. Then I watched two other ladies sharing ointment for a scrape and yet other ladies handed around almonds for hungry folks who forgot their protein bar at the hotel (ahem, moi.)

The choreographer is Sherri Elsworth from Nebraska. She's choreographed 14 pageants! Okay, and her legs are awesome since she's a dancer! Definitely an excellent role model.

Our director, Sheree Channel, and our choreographer, Sherri Elsworth, with all the competitors :-D

Reporting from Mrs. Montana America 2008-LIVE!
Angie (Contestant #4) Mrs. Missoula America 2008
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