Sunday, July 13, 2008

And the winner is...

Katrina Mann, Mrs. Western Montana. She's a beautiful gal inside and out.

I don't have photos yet, too busy competing to take any:-)

But when the professional photos come, I'll be sure to add them for you.

I did really well as 4th Runner Up and the Crowning Touch Award.

The Crowning Touch is given out to the woman who best uses her local title for the betterment of her community. I think this is my happiest thing because I really have enjoyed the 22 personal appearances, but even more I felt like I had the opportunity to give back through working with the Jadyn Fred Foundation and promoting my sponsors and the Mrs. America Pageant.

Please stay tuned for more in the future:

Reporting LIVE-Angela Breidenbach, 4th Runner Up to Mrs. MT America, Crowning Touch Award, and Mrs. Missoula America 2008 (through Oct 1st :-) ) So see you all soon back at home and thank you for all your love, prayers and support!

PS Katrina says she'll come over to Missoula and appear with me, so folks---what shall we have her do? :-D
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