Friday, July 11, 2008

First Day of Rehearsals at Mrs. Montana America

The welcome/orientation was so much fun! We met all the royalty (past and present) today:-) We dressed in cocktail attire and sparkled as we were given gifts! I tell you it was truly like being a princess. Every lady needs to do this just for the fun! I have the prettiest bracelet now, some lovely candles, a photo album for my memories and even foot balm to calm my tootsies, (And trust me, after hours of stage practice, I'll be using that!)

Here's the pretty Mrs. Montana America 2007 with me and Sheree Channel, Mrs. Wyoming America 2002 & the pageant director for Mrs. Montana, Mrs. Wyoming, and Mrs. New Mexico. All these lovely ladies have such nice personalities. They are gracious and sweet. Each one gave us thoughtful gifts too.

The interview was today. I was in the first round. It was quite fun talking with so many people. Each judge had about 4 minutes or so with each contestant. I think the hardest part was having to stop mid-sentence when the finish bell rang. I had great conversations going and felt funny having to let them drop. The six judges are very kind about it. But that's the way it is so the time is fair all around.

If you had 4 minutes to chat, what would you want to talk about?

Remember to come to the Petro Theater at the Petro Residence Hall, 7p.m., Saturday :-)

Reporting from Mrs. Montana America Pageant, this is Angela Breidenbach-Mrs. Missoula America!
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