Saturday, June 07, 2008

The World at my fingertips

Of all the things we can do in our lives, it's some of the smallest things that affect the bigger world. Tonight I, and a few other ladies, played "Vanna" for an auction. We had the opportunity to help raise funds for the children of Montana who have cancer.

The Jadyn Fred Foundation held the benefit auction at the Holiday Inn Parkside in Missoula. The stone inlaid globe above was a gorgeous auction item. As is the lawn mower below ;-)

The crowd had a lot of fun bidding with the professional auctioneer. They are generous and wonderful people. One man bid on a family heirloom and then returned it to the family! I know so many kids are going to be helped with this event, but it warmed my heart to be a tiny little part of it and see all those folks share. To see the joy and caring of the people of Montana toward those who are hurting really does show me how one person makes a difference in the world one touch at a time. I was blessed to see so many people reaching out to so many others tonight and bonding in one purpose. Faces that glowed and hearts that sparked!

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