Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HuHot's Recipe Contest Winner

And the winning recipe is...Curry Up & Eat!

And the winner is! Curry Up and Eat!
Here's what I learned about making the best dinner at your local HuHot Mongolian Grill Restaurant:

*Make sure you use 5-6 ladles of sauce.
*Cut down on the oil. Use 1/2 a ladle per bowl. You need enough so it won't stick, but not so much that it coats the food and* stops the flavor from melding.
*Use a little oil and a little acidic to blend the best flavors. Any oil in the buffet mixed with any acidic. The acidic addition could be sherry, lemon juice, or lime juice (my personal favorite.) Use one ladle of acidic.
*Pay attention to the little fire symbols on the sauces. They mean spice level.
*If you curl the noodles around the side edge of your bowl, there's more room for your meat and vegies in the center. Now you won't drop it all over the floor:-)

It's really that easy. You can mix any sauces for a great flavor. The tables have little recipe suggestions to try as well as the magnetic board by the bowls.

Eat up!

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