Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Come and Celebrate Logan's Life

Logan Smith passed away last night. He was 9. Many people loved and prayed for him as he struggled with Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Logan, you will be missed. I'm glad you are home with Jesus, but I hurt for your mom and family and friends.

This Saturday, we will all be meeting at the Iron Horse Brew Pub to celebrate Logan's life. We'll be there from 4-9p.m.

Originally, it was a fundraiser. That is what community, friends, and family are for in this world. Supporting each other. Loving each other. Helping each other carry their burdens financial and emotional.

One thing that really made me smile about Logan was his desire to see real penguins. He did get to go to the zoo and see them. Such a little thing. But I know it brought him great joy. I like to think of him giggling at the penguins.

Many, many people made paper cranes to send Logan wishes of hope. I know he got a thousand of them made by students from several different local schools here in Missoula. I also know he really liked them. He had them hung in his room so he could see them.

Paper cranes and penguins. I'll never see either one again without remembering Logan.

If you have a chance, please come to the Iron Horse Brew Pub this Saturday from 4-9p.m. and help us lessen the financial stress for Logan's family. Fold a paper crane with me, bid on the silent auction items, and feel the close knit community of caring.

You can learn more about Logan at his Tumor Town blog.

Thank you,
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