Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring is Full of Joy!

I'm feeling exuberant! It's been a great couple of days.

I spent Friday meeting with prospective sponsors for the Mrs. Montana America pageant. I'm thrilled to represent those businesses along with those who have already committed. I truly appreciate them all. Please welcome, Gateway Federal Credit Union, Flanagan's Jeep Eagle, and Automotive Cutting Edge! I look forward to telling you more about them in the future.


Because they are businesses I love to visit and frequent myself. They are businesses I trust. I made a list of the places I like to go here in Missoula and then talked to them for sponsorships. I wanted to promote great places and people long before the pageant, so this folded perfectly into the right thing to do as Mrs. Missoula 2008.

I've decided to do a series on the great places, people, and businesses to visit here. So look for upcoming posts on great places to eat, do business, and visit as a tourist or local. Another benefit is that by reading about these wonderful opportunities, if you are just traveling through, you can go to the best because that's where the locals go! Look for them under "A Tour of Montana" label on the right side of this blog if you miss any.

When I travel, I don't look for the "touristy" spots. I look for the places the locals frequent. You really get the flavor of a place that way:-) Additionally, if you are planning to scope Missoula out as a place you would like to live, then you'll want to keep up with the series so you know where to go for financial services, gas, food, and fun!

For instance, last night, we had a double date for our 10th anniversary. The other couple were married the day before us :-) So we went to The Pearl Cafe. It is THE place to celebrate in Missoula. Every time I mentioned our plans, I heard back how The Pearl Cafe is always a favorite. Here's few photos to show you of our food and the beautiful ambience.

The air is warming (a little) up here in Montana. Sometimes we get a whole day of mild weather. Days with only a small breeze and mild temps from 40-50 degrees are days full of hope.

Today I spent a fun day doing things I love. My husband and I attended a seminar on nutrition at Gold's Gym, taught by Michael Sciallaba. (He's my physical fitness trainer who owns Strength Advantage.) Then we attended the Missoula Phoenix semi-pro football game where I sang the National Anthem. Wahoo!

I had such a good time!

Great places to go for entertainment in Missoula-our sports!
From the Missoula Phoenix semi-pro football team, to the U of M Griz with a myriad of sports venues, to the Missoula Osprey
Baseball, Mismo Gymnastics, major coverage of high school sports (hey, they're all over t.v. here!) Oh my goodness, then there is our YMCA soccer leagues, Little Guy Wrestling, hiking, swimming, biking, fishing, hunting, archery (which I love), and folfing around the mountains.

If you can't find something to do in our little city, I'd be shocked. Because of course, there's the arts...and that's for another day ;-D

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