Monday, April 07, 2008

The Pearl Cafe

Here's those photos I promised yesterday :-)

Our 10th anniversary dinner with friends who were married the day before us! Parties don't have to be big to be fun. In fact, we all lost track of time. We waltzed in at 7:30p.m. and were all stunned when it was already 10p.m!

Lucious Tomato Bisque

Dinner was Filet with Port and Roquefort

Oh my gosh! It was so scrumptious. I felt like I could cut the steak with a butter knife. Oh wait, I did! I also swiped my hubbies little, tiny fried onions that were on top of his Smoked Bison Tenderloin with Huckleberry-Zinfandel Sauce. Yummy!

Dessert? Of course!

We traded the camera back and forth for a shot of our Lemon Chiffon with Huckleberry Filling topped with a Marzipan Dome. And the technical name is Princess Cake. The special order is so well worth it! Life would be so dull without this amazing, succulent decadence. (Oh, and you get to pick the cake and filling flavors...)

So there you have it, a place to eat in Montana, an update on what to do for your anniversary (go to dinner with people married the same length of time as you), and design your own special cake! A great night out on the town.
I love The Pearl Cafe' & Bakery!

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