Saturday, February 09, 2008

My First Official Appearance as Mrs. Missoula

I'm so excited tonight! Tomorrow I make my first official appearance. I will be at the Missoula Building Industry Association Homeshow. I will make a round of the booths introducing myself, helping draw people into talk with the business folks, taking photo opps with business people and attendees.

This is truly fun for me because I believe so passionately in promoting the health of Montana from the children and families to our business economy. I wish I could express how happy I am to do these kind of things.

My goal (camera being fixed pending) is to take some digital photos of my time there and post them on my blogs in order to share and also promote people and businesses of Montana.

Another aspect will be finding the businesses that I can help with promotion through sponsorship. Since I love promotion, I'm willing to voice radio ads, do t.v. ads, or even appear in a print ad or person for family oriented, community oriented businesses and organization. I guess you could say that I'm putting my money where my mouth is by offering a real return for my sponsors because I'm also going to feature them on my blog--here!

Why? Because it is so cool to get to know the real people and opportunities in Montana. They can be a part of the Real Montana Tour! That way everyone will know great places to shop, eat, visit, and do business in my awesome state with personal experience and not just hype. Real people live and work here. I want you to know how wonderful they are too!

So stay tuned:-) I'll be uploading photos this weekend.

If you are in Missoula, come find me at the U of M tomorrow. I'd love to say hi and chat.

Thank you,
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