Friday, February 08, 2008


So today is one. I wanted to tell you all about Grassis. It's a great teahouse, upscale clothing store, flower shop, card shop, and garden store all in one. NO, you won't believe it when I finally get the photos uploaded. I loved this place. It's in Tacoma at 17th and Pacifica. Great little spot!

In the meantime, I've been in really, really...really long business classes this week for guiding and expanding our heating company. Ugh! Um, okay, shhh, don't tell that I hate task oriented things. I'm a speaker and writer. I'm definitely NOT a numbers person. sigh.

What do you have to do that you really are NOT meant to do?

How do you plan to move toward your own goals?

Do you have an exit plan to get out of the spot you don't want to be and into the spot you do?

Yep, I do.

I have been studying all year. What? How to reach my own dreams and goals. But you cannot do that in one fell swoop. You must make small changes every day to get to your ultimate goal. Something every day.

So, every day I write, blog, read, take classes, and then do my day job.

But my dreams and goals show every single day in my daytimer and in my regular schedule. It follows the John Maxwell teaching, Margie Lawson's teaching, Simpleology teaching...can you tell I'm moving in the right direction?

What about you?

Is it time?

How are you visibly showing a move toward your dreams and goals?

Doing what I have to do to go where I want to go.

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