Saturday, February 09, 2008

Official Appearances are a blast!

This is Vann's Appliances booth. They served cookies and chicken nuggests cooked right in their own ovens. Then the Journalism Department at the University of Montana interviewed me for their classes! People stopped to watch and join in the fun.

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun today! I met tons of new people, helped the various booths at the Missoula Building Industry Association draw in folks to talk about their wants, needs, and desires, and just plain laughed a lot.

Some of the booths were busy talking and overwhelmed. So I popped in and started handing out their treats or information, punching contest cards, and generally helping the customers to stick around a little longer. Culligan's Water was so cute! He just let me work along side him and we introduced ourselves after the rush.

Mutual Materials booth had fun taking photo opps with me. It sounds like we might get to work together some more this year promoting their business and new branch grand opening. Whoo hoo!

Many exciting things happened, but what I remember was the smiles and laughter all day long!

My next official appearances will be:

Feb 12th at an Executive Planning Committee meeting for the Jaydn Fred Foundation

Feb 23rd at Paul's Pancake Parlor to support the fundraiser for the Jaydn Fred Foundation (financial support to families with 0-18 yr olds who have to travel for cancer treatments outside of Montana.)I'll be working and playing with Monte, the U of M Grizzly Mascot!

There may be some more in March, but April has 2 events coming up:

April 13-14 at Southgate Mall for a special car show. More details to come. My reason for supporting this one is that the non-profit group running the event helps at-risk kids learn skills by rebuilding old cars. How cool is that?!

April 19th at the 2008 Women's Fair held at the University of Montana. I'll know more soon :-)
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