Thursday, February 07, 2008

How We Think

Lately, I've been in classes online, in the class room, and learning over the phone with mentors. It's interesting to figure out how people think and learn. I've had so many different opportunities that even include phone/computer conferences while 2 computers are linked remotely.

I had no idea there were so many ways to learn! It's kind of like that movie, Trains, Planes & Automobiles. How many different ways are there to travel? (Actually, our family took a vacation a few years ago with the sole purpose of finding out how many ways we could travel. You'd be surprised at how creative you get!)

I'm finding that I'm both visual and audio. In fact, during a classroom (and very expensive seminar) I had to ask them to turn down the stereo that played in the background while we broke into small group talks. The stereo was incredibly distracting to me when I was trying to listen to someone else.

But the coolest thing I've learned lately? That some people think in "words" and some people think in "images." As a writer, I've found that I do both. Sometimes separately, like I think in words when I think through things or when I write non-fiction. Cool! But I think in images and words when I'm writing non-fiction. I actually can see a movie-like image and hear the characters talking. They even change around their conversation or scenes will flip wildly to another when I'm creating.

I guess the fact that people actually think differently blew me away. My husband thinks in images all the time. I'm polling now to find out how people think because this fascinates me to the nth degree.

So, how do you think? Images or words? Are there any times that you do both?

Do tell:-)
PS On that vacation? We drove a car, flew in a jet, rode a shuttle bus, rode in a rickshaw, rode a train (Amtrak), rode bikes, rode a speed ferry boat, took a city bus, took a Greyhound bus, caught the monorail, rode every ride at Disneyland, rode in a van, flew a prop plane, stayed on the Queen Mary, rode a taxi, took a carriage ride, rode a trolley, rode in a limousine (and convinced the driver to pretend we were famous and he was our secret service body guard, lol.) I think there were more, but I can't remember them all ;-) Great vacation with lots of laughter and involvement from everyone on ideas of how to travel.
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