Monday, January 07, 2008

Curiosity about Forrest

It's the mother in me. Suddenly my son, Forrest Leder, is getting tons of hits from all over the country and world. I posted about him a few months ago. We did an interview. So fun to interview your own kid. You have no idea how much you can learn, lol. Anyway, now he's being googled and the folks land on our little interview.

Anyone want to tell me how all these people know about him?

It's really cool from a mom's point of view. I haven't even told him yet, lol. He wouldn't believe me anyway. This is the guy who had little gals following him around school all his life and never noticed. He's confident and cute, but definitely unaware. Well, I think he's a little more aware than he was in high school because he signs autographs now:-D

He's very well known locally for his work at 2 different summer theaters, his musical ability, and all the activities he's been in since childhood. But the first time I saw him signing autographs, I just had to snap a photo. It stunned me! That God could allow me to be the mother of this wonderfully talented young man. (He's a pretty great son too!)

Here's my very first autograph photo because it was so cute!

Then he posed for a photo opp with the girls.

He's genuine and joyful. I like that about him.

Later stories from townfolk included trails of girls watching where he'd go. When I visited Virginia City this summer, his second job (most all summer theater actors take jobs in the towns and villages in their off hours) told me about girls who would stare down the hall of the hotel he worked at. They'd whisper and giggle. Finally, the inn keeper asked what they were doing. She told me the girls had recognized him and were too afraid to walk up and talk to him. Of course this sent us into fits of laughter because he was the cleaning crew at the Nevada City Hotel during the days. What did he do while he cleaned? Sang! Just like he did through the halls during passing periods in high school.

He sings constantly. He's been in so many shows now that you can toss a name out and he can sing pretty much anything. Poor guy, I make him sing for family and guests all the time:-D But he's a doll about it.

Here he is on stage with the U of M Jubileers:
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