Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When you do the right thing and no one listens

Sometimes no matter what you do, it takes more than one person to do the right thing.

Today I was stunned speechless! I watched a young woman with blue jeans, a blue top, and a white parka stuff kitchen rugs into the sleeves of the coat. She was shameless!

I went and immediately reported her. Why? As a business owner, I know the cost of theft. As a consumer, I pay for the cost of theft in higher prices, and as a Christian, I believe it is my responsibility to do the right thing as a gift to God and the other people on this planet.

So what happened?

The clerk called the manager. I was glad that they would be able to stop her.

But that's NOT what happened.

The manager watched her walk out of the store with the sleeves of her coat obviously bulging. He didn't try to stop her at all.

I said, "That's her."

He walked past me without looking at me or responding.

I asked the clerk, "What happened? Why didn't he stop her?"

She told me that they could be sued. Sued? For what? According to their company training, if they didn't see it themselves, then the store personnel could not stop the shoplifter.

There I stood, speechless.

You know what bugs me the most? That as Mrs. Missoula, I want to promote my city. I want the businesses in my state to succeed and thrive. It's the selfishness of people like that who cost our economy.

I am saddened that the young woman felt no shame. She knew it was wrong or she wouldn't have stuffed her sleeves. I wish people like that had a bigger view of the world. A view that could open up and see the harm they cause. sigh. I wish I had done more, but as old as I am...dishonesty and selfishness still blow my mind. I don't understand that.

I don't want to understand that mindset. Would I have felt differently if I knew she was starving? I'd like to think I'd have bought food for her. But somehow I don't think people are desperate for kitchen mats. I thought I did the right thing by reporting it. I know I did. But I sure felt the fizzle!

How about you? What would you do?

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