Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Crazy Life You Never Expected

Did you ever get to the end of a day and wonder how it went so fast?

I've had a myriad of days like that, but today was definitely one of them. I raced from the shower to a conference call. Then had to finish paying business bills with our new accounting system. Almost 7 hours later...I listened to several people's concerns about this or that problem, made dinner, wrote a submission for a writing contest, wrapped presents, and then sat down to write my blog when I realized the day was already over. Ufta! What a day!

How wonderful to sit by my glowing Christmas tree, have the kitties snuggle, and enjoy blogging. I couldn't have said that even two years ago. None of my plans for the day went as planned, but I achieved so much that I will fall into bed feeling accomplished. I think finishing and sending my submission 6 minutes before the deadline for the contest made me believe I could do anything!

I wouldn't have said that two years ago either.

I'm only weeks away from my son's wedding. The first of our six to marry. Of course the restaurant where we scheduled the Rehearsal Dinner closed their doors. Scrambling, I rebooked with an Italian restaurant catering to our church fellowship hall. Then the times of the dinner changed. My first dress came in the wrong color and size. The replacement got here. It's beautiful and has to be taken in a couple of inches with 18 days to go...

Christmas is around the corner. I'm writing a book called Insanity Rules (and am about one day from sending it off to the agents that have requested it.) Not to mention preparing to compete for Mrs. Montana while we are attempting to be mentored on building my husband's heating company. Busy, yes. But each day is such an adventure!

I have 2 kids in college, 2 graduating from high school next spring, an exchange son from Japan, a daughter in Thailand on exchange, and a gung-ho varsity basketball player.

Do you know what my favorite thing to do right now is? Sit by the tree and see the moment. I like feeling each moment. They race by so quickly. As I sit by the tree, sometimes it feels like the world slowed down. Just a tad slower for a few minutes tonight.

I ponder my life. It doesn't look anything at all like I thought it would ten years ago, five years ago, last year. Isn't that the most wonderful crazy thing you never expect?

Five years ago, I wondered if I would live through surgery to remove 4 tumors. Five years ago I sat by the lit tree and made my peace.

Thank you God that you gave me this crazy life of the unexpected!

PS And as soon as I have a slow day, I plan to learn more about Blogger. Someday...
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