Sunday, December 16, 2007

Humorous Decorating Question

Okay, this is just funny. I coordinate my wrapping paper under my tree. My husband has never noticed this. In fact, he went shopping with me and grumbled at the length of time I took to pick out paper. Just plaids and stripes this year, thank you.

That night, we went to a Christmas party where he humorously mentioned it to other couples at the dinner table. Much to his surprise (and mine) the other women all said they do the same thing!

And I thought I was just weird, lol.

But then, a woman's home is her expression of self. Mine is full of animals, kids, and lots of dinners with friends and family. There are pictures of loved ones all over the walls, piano, bookcases, fridge, pantry, hall get the picture. (LOL, pun intended.)

So it totally makes sense that my paper under the tree would also be an expression of my home.

Every year, hubby says how pretty it looks. And so do all the guests etc. I told him he just didn't know why it was pretty every year.

Oh yeah, he rolled his eyes. :-D But I sure loved the expression on his face when the other women seriously said they coordinate their paper each year too. I about fell out of my chair laughing.

All the men-not one of them knew we did that! And a huge conversation ensued.

Here he thought he was going to make all the men laugh for a second. The conversation got all the couples chatting for quite a while.

We'll be married ten years in April. There's always something new :-D

So, here's my question, do you or don't you coordinate your wrapping paper? And does your spouse have a clue?

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