Monday, December 17, 2007

Have You EVER?

We took our Japanese exchange son to Philipsburg, MT today. We had a really good time. Besides visiting the Sweet Palace, a special candy store famous in our area for delectable yummies, we also walked around town.

One of the shops is the Sapphire Gallery. And inside we had a great time. We looked at a lot of fun and unusual jewelry, semi-precious stones, carved stone dishes, and of course gorgeous sapphires.

I noticed a beautiful beaded necklace. I asked why it sparkled so much. Turns out it was a highly faceted sapphire necklace worth $3225. I reacted in stunned surprise! Then the jeweler, my exchange son, other customers, and well-me-started laughing. It really was beautiful.

Then he mentioned the next one. So beautiful too. Then he told me the cost...$33,000!!! You read that right! And so did the other customers I entertained with my shocked reaction, lol.

I think he had as much fun as me:-D The jeweler offered to let me try it on. Uh huh, so I did, lol. I had to get a photo. It amazed me that this one necklace was worth two of my cars! Or a down payment on a house. Anyway, take a look at this beautiful piece. The necklace is totally made with sapphires in various colors from around the world.

As Mrs. Missoula 2008, I am really happy to promote my great state. My joy is to share all the unusual and fun people and places. I started doing this for fun last year after going to Georgia. Too many people there didn't know anything about Montana. They asked a lot of questions and that sparked the idea to start blogging about it to educate anyone who wanted to learn. In the process, I found out how much I loved touring my own state. I LOVE it!

I've been to lots of little towns. Sometimes I just ask tons of questions about the artisans, the town, the old stories. It's a blast. And people love sharing about their towns, work, and stories.

So if you EVER want to try on a $33,000 necklace, enjoy a stroll through Phillipburg, MT and visit the Sapphire Gallery. Then keep on strolling to visit the other lovely shops.

PS Stop by tomorrow for a visit to an old county jail :-D
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