Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hidden Spots in Montana

Driving down I-90, between Butte and Missoula, is a tiny warm spring. You can only see it heading West. I can never remember exactly the mile marker, but it's right after the Chalet Bearmouth. I suppose that is about 40 miles or so outside of Missoula.

This is how it looks in the fall. The grasses have gone brown, the air outside is quite chilly, but the water is warm and full of moss.

It's right off the highway. So close and yet most people miss it. In fact, it's a spot I've been trying to catch on film for a long time and I keep forgetting to slow down long enough to watch for it until it's too late. The highway is narrower here. It's very difficult to pull off to the side far enough unless you preplan the adventure.

How much in our lives do we miss because we aren't ready or didn't plan properly? How many times do we wish we'd have slowed down long enough to simply save a moment in time and then it rushes past with no hope for a repeat?

I'm working this year on walking the path God has for me in His time. As long as I'm on His path, I will be headed in the right direction to see the warm springs He puts along the way for me to pause and rest. But if I'm headed in the wrong direction, I completely miss it. If I'm speeding along without preparing, I also miss it.

Today, take time to enjoy the journey that God has placed before you, in you, and especially for you.

May God open your eyes to see the warm springs in your life,
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