Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Delectable Moments

Some days are hard. They feel longer than another. I know. Lots of mine feel that way. Like when I look at my "in" basket and it's about to topple over and then someone says they need even more help on a huge project. Then the court order comes for the last legal guardianship report. I so don't want to go there. But then I think, What if the judge reads something that shows what he did mattered? I'm sending him a copy of her obituary that's on this blog and a copy of the official newspaper obit.

I know.

It's those days that I have to look for a delectable moment. Just a little breather to catch my brain up to my body and work. Always a surprise and always an unexpected joy.

So today I'm going to watch for a smile while I make pancakes. I'm going to listen to the kids helping to serve and the ones being served. Somehow I have a feeling that one of those delectable moments will happen. Laughter, a light in the eye, a click of one soul to another...a delectable moment.

What will it look like? Who will get to taste it with me? Or will the scrumptiousness be all mine to absorb? Hmm...I wonder...

Watch today for a spot in time. Come back and tell me about it. Or tell me now about one you've had recently.

Did you know this is a skill? A skill is something you develop. Will you consider developing the skill of watching for snippets of wonder?

Wishing you several delectable moments to build a delicious day,

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