Friday, October 12, 2007

Army Wives, Marine Wives, Air Force Wives...

I've heard this time and time again. "I wish the media would portray the truth! I wish they would show all the good that is happening over in Iraq."

Me too! Courtney said this only a few days ago. Her husband is on his way home for leave. He's survived his first deployment to Iraq. We are so relieved, but also very proud of him and the people he serves with. You see, Dan grew up with our sons. He ate out of my pantry and fridge all through high school. He loves the Lord, his country, and the people he has served through his military service over in Iraq. (The photo above is our family surrounding Dan & Courtney last year just before he left for Iraq.)

Having lived overseas for a number of years, I was shocked to find that the majority of people back home had no idea what was really happening. They'd tell me all sorts of nonsense and be really angry about presidential or political decisions. But they had no idea how the military really handled things. They only had the news. And the news is all about shock factor. Always negative to draw people to their particular show.

Many of our friends serve in the military. To those men & women who support the cause of freedom-THANK YOU!!! Thank you for protecting our country even though so many here have no idea how much you really do. Thank you for protecting the freedom of speech even though people speak out against you in ignorance. Thank you for doing what is right even when some people don't understand.

Thank you to the families of our military personnel. You sacrifice on a daily basis. You believe in your husbands, sons, daughters, wives, and friends even when the media portrays their efforts as wasted. They are not wasted! Terrorism is not going to go away because the media downplays it. Terrorists is not going to stop trying to kill Americans just because they don't want to hear about it.

Having been a military wife, lived in a place where terrorism was a standard, and watched the news report outright lies and ignore reality-I want to honor, support, and bless the military families who know how important it is to keep on keeping on even though the people of our country are not given the full story.

Thank you to our service men and women and thank you to your families! You are appreciated!
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