Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Delicious Days

I've had a few delicious days lately. Have you ever had one of those? It's a day that is extremely satiating, full of sensory pleasure, full of heart. I've had a few of those in the last few weeks.

I think God said, "You know kiddo, you've had a rough time this year. With your mom dying, trying to write and speak, your son's joyous upcoming wedding (change is always stress), your daughter moving to Thailand for a year, all the exhaustion of trying to put 36 hours into every 24. I'm giving you respite. Today is going to be a delicious day for you. It's a day for you to remember I am in control and that I bless you. It's a day to remember what living is about. Lastly, it's a day to remind you to praise me. Here you go, kiddo, enjoy."


So even though I have a to-do list a mile and a half long, even though I have to pay business bills, help plan a wedding, shop for a fund-raiser for my youngest's high school pancake breakfast...even though I have to study how to write a non-fiction proposal, upgrade our accounting system, write a letter to the judge telling him my mom died for my last guardianship report, do banking, plan advertising for our heating company, pay taxes, figure out our new insurance (HELP), and plan a new schedule to fit in some of my goals with my day job...even though...

God gave me a wonderful chat with a new friend today, he gave me a glorious fall day that the air feels so good I can literally drink it in, laughter at my cat "owning" my dogs by rubbing all over them while they stand petrified of his power, lol, and a latte. A latte to drink as I drink in this delicious, crazy, always busy life.

He gave me a word too. "Angela, there are things you choose and things you choose to overcome."

What have you chosen lately? Good or bad.
What do you need to choose to overcome?

May you have a delicious day.

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