Sunday, June 07, 2009

Folfing (or Disc Golf or Frisbie Golf anywhere else.)

A Folfing we will go, a folfing we will go...
(Heh heh, couldn't help myself there.)

The goal is to hit the pole with your disc. These photos were taken last summer as my family took me on my first folfing run. I love the fact that this is a low impact game. As a Weight Watcher, this game takes a couple of hours. You can easily earn several activity points for your weekly plan. At my weight, it is worth 4!

A Folfing course in Pattee Canyon. This is the topography and layout of the course.

My first game of Folf. What a blast! It's a great family sport that gets you to excercise without really feeling like it. I'm not sure how far we walked and tossed our discs, but it had to be a good couple of miles hiking through the woods.

The holes on this course are large posts painted with a red marker. This is my youngest son mocking me, lol. He does not expect me to get a hole in one. And, I don't :-D

However, I never had to go searching for my disc like he did. LOL.

And he needed help!

(He has a really long throw.)

One of our older kiddos shows great folfing form. She's trying to teach me to play. Actually, she did a pretty good job. I stayed 1-3 over par on most of the holes. Okay, there were a few...

That would be me flinging my folf disc. We all have different colors so we can tell them apart. They are also different weights for better throwing ability depending on your personal strength.

This is my husband trying to get his disc uphill. This particular hole is straight up and over the mountain. Quite the challenge.

The discs cost anywhere from $6 on up. You can buy one good mid-range or build an arsenal of specialty discs.

I like folfing very much. It's an inexpensive activity that gets a family or group of friends outside playing, laughing, and excercising. In the above picture, one of the kids treed their disc and a squirrel is busy scolding my son for trying to help his sister bounce the folf disk out of the branch.

My kids tell me there are opportunities all over the country. Why not take discs with you on vacation? You can find a great place to run off energy and cause awesome laughter.

In Missoula, there are at least two courses. This one at Pattee Canyon and the other at Blue Mountain (which has baskets on the holes. It's a little more challenging.)

The perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Thanks for visiting :-D
I hope you'll try a game of Folf.
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