Sunday, June 14, 2009

Greenough Park

Come visit another favorite place in Missoula with Cyber Tour Guides Angie, Kiddo #4, and Hubby. This park is in the middle of town, just off I-90. With a paved bike path bordering the West side and well maintained dirt paths winding throughout, you can't help feeling completely at peace no matter how you choose to experience the slice of natural Montana.

One gorgeous place to visit in Montana, Greenough Park. It's a bird sanctuary with amazing views throughout the park.

The paths wind inside through the trees.

The river splits into several forks throughout the park.

Very pretty wooden bridges span the small rivers.

There are such lush patches of greenery, that you feel like dinosaurs must be roaming through the area.

Of course, what would a nature hike be without a dip in the river?

Thanks for visiting Greenough Park with us.

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