Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Angela Breidenbach is awarded Mrs. Montana International

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share a very exciting experience with you. A few weeks ago, I was awarded the title of Mrs. Montana International 2009! It's been a whirlwind ever since :-) I'll be competing for Mrs. International this July 14-18, 2009 in Chicago. The pageant is open to the public, and tickets are available by visiting the North Shore Centre for the Performing Arts.

Some of the unique items I've had to complete are online questions for the entire world to read as they get to know me. I included them here, with one answered. If you'd like to read all my answers to the interview, you can click over to the Mrs. International Contestant page and then click on Mrs. Montana International (hey, that's me) and see some photos too. I'd be honored if you would :-)

I thought it would be fun to hear all you lovely ladies answer these questions too! I'd love to learn about you. I'm going to post a different answer to one of these questions over on the six author blog, WritingbyFaith, with the same request to learn more about all of you. Please feel free to visit there also.

On this blog, I'll be sharing photos and posts about the journey to Mrs. Montana International and on to Mrs. International. Please join me on June 15th, 7p.m. Mountain Standard, (6p.m. Pacific, 9p.m. Eastern) for an hour long live interview event. I'll post the website and how to join the webinar/radio interview next week.

Might I mention, if you're an author or you might be writing a story for future generations, these questions are awesome character exploration opportunities.

On to the interview, tell me about yourself :-)

How do your personal / unique qualities best fit the International Pageant system?

What is something that few people know about you?

What do you do to stay healthy?

Everyone talks about "family values", what are they?
Instilled through our examples, our values show in how we live, laugh, cope with difficulty, express affection, and give of our time or blessings. It's what we do, not say, that reveals our values. By showing and building relationships, we gain the benefit to share our gems of wisdom.

What is your worst habit?
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